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Yeshshree Press Comps Pvt. Ltd has been in the business of manufacturing and supply of auto parts for commercial vehicles since 1997. We are a learning organisation, where we like our employees to grow with us. We have strict policies in place for ensuring that the skill sets of our staffs are up-to-date and competent.

The needs and requirements of the company as well as the clients increase incessantly. To meet the ever increasing demands of the company and the clients, we need genius minds that can grow with us.

We are an organisation which looks into acquiring bright and young talents. We don’t hesitate in encouraging and promoting good talents through our various awards and certification schemes. Our average growth rate per year reaches up to 30% and we like to sustain this growth rate with the right talents.

We believe that our staffs are our greatest asset and we constantly strive in providing training programs to improve their skills and efficiency. We have vast in-house training programs conducted by our experienced professionals and industry experts. We are an employee friendly organisation with policies and schemes in place to provide motivation and promoting team building.

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