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At Yeshshree Press Comps Pvt. Ltd, we completely understand our responsibility towards the society and we strive hard to help to upgrade the society. Our goal is not just to deliver high quality products and services to our clients, but also to impart good values and better standard of living to the society. We aim to get involved in making and installing values in to the society by working closely with the local community.

Lack of awareness and lack of education in both men and women is the main drawback of our society that stops our nation from progressing. At Yeshshree, we understand the need and value of education and in our effort to do our share; we have established and are running two schools around our four manufacturing units.

In other words, our manufacturing units offer employment and the schools take care of the education of the children of our employees and the people around. These schools help in educating the children from the villages and thereby bringing a genre of educated young minds in the society.

Aged people and orphaned kids who have no place to go in the society and are forced to live in very pathetic conditions. Realising their plight and suffering, we have started an Old age home for the homeless elderly people. We also run and promote an Orphanage home for the orphaned kids.

At Yeshshree, we provide numerous employment opportunity for deserving candidates as well as disabled people. We provide opportunity to mentally challenged people to take part on various unskilled activities. Various social events like blood camps and health check-up camps are organized by the company.

As our commitment towards the environment and its conservation, we generate power through wind mills which accounts for about 1MW. Our target is to achieve OHSAS -14000 by the fourth quarter of the year 2013-14.