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Deep Drawing Process

Yeshshree Press Comps Pvt. Ltd the ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified company; we are one of the biggest auto parts manufacturing companies in India with more than 4 manufacturing units across Maharashtra. We manufacture various auto parts for commercial vehicles using latest and advanced technologies. With the latest technologies we manufacture high standard world class deep drawn stampings which are used widely in automotive industries.

The years of experience and expertise in this field has helps us to create customised deep drawn stamping as per the clients requirements. With the help of coherent and modern deep drawing process, we convert the metal sheets in to various shapes and forms to fit the requirements. The main advantage of using the deep drawing process is that there is no limit for the shapes that can be made out of the metal sheets.

This is similar to the metal stamping but in deep drawn stamping, the fabrication can be made deeper than in the metal stampings. Moreover, offering advantages, the deep drawn stampings are cost effective, less time consumption and wastage.

At Yeshshree, we are able to implement the deep drawing process in such way that different parts of the metal can be used to form one superior quality deep drawn stamping. We process up to 80 tons of steel per day and we employ deep drawing process in developing highly durable and robust auto parts edit.