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Heavy Duty Stamp

Yeshshree Press Comps Pvt. Ltd has the stamping facility spreading over 10,000 sq.mts. We specialise in heavy duty stamping on tandem line. Our mechanical press ranges from 10 ton to 400 tons and hydraulic press ranging from 30 ton to 500 ton.

Heavy duty stamping on tandem lines is used in case of use of certain complicated and larger parts that are above the capacity and limit of the stamping machine. Those parts requiring deep drawing are manufactured using tandem line through heavy duty stamping. At Yeshshree, we use robotic lines for these heavy works to ensure perfection in the quantity and quality of the products developed. Additionally, this automation avoids human errors while increasing the production rate.

We provide heavy duty stamping for various auto parts that are exposed to wear and tear regularly. With the heavy duty stamping, high accuracy and perfection is made possible. Due to these features heavy duty stamping on tandem line is widely used by many manufacturers.