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Our Approach

Yeshshree Press Comps Pvt. Ltd believes that to achieve optimum growth with quality output, efficient and advanced technology is required. We understand the ever growing needs and requirements of the company and the existing competition in this field. So, as a growing company, we take a strong interest in introducing newer and faster business and manufacturing techniques.

Our futuristic approach towards the business processes takes us to implementing cutting edge technologies and solutions. The team goes that extra mile to create a better and efficient product development environment.

For an efficient product development, we have implemented TPM, which can assist in faster and accurate manufacturing of products. This ensures that no errors or defects occur in the products manufactured. The main advantage of using TPM is that it helps in reducing energy wastage as well as cost while increasing quality. As a result, we have predictable product quality and quantity too, which has been our forte in the industry.

Maximum automation of product development processes speeds up the over-all manufacturing process. Introducing new advanced technologies helps us to keep our customers and end users satisfied.

Yeshshree has implemented SAP enterprise software for various business administration processes, so that all the functions and services related to the administration department run smoothly and efficiently in a futuristic way. We have also introduced bar coding of our products. At Yeshshree, we process more than 80 tons of steel per day and products are delivered in thousands. With barcode system implementation, the record of items, delivered and in stock can easily be updated without any mistakes. This also makes it easier to update the stock.

With the continued efforts on the product development process, we are able to offer customized auto parts having highest durability and quality for various commercial vehicles. We understand the changing needs and trends in the market and work towards developing products that suit the clients’ requirement. Our point of focus is mainly on improving the quality of the products and installing new cost effective techniques for product development.