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Our Team

Yeshshree has a team of experienced and expert professionals having in-depth knowledge in the domain of auto parts manufacturing and the various intricacies involved in the whole process. The strategic future planning is done by our top level management professionals and they strive hard to meet the organizational goals.

At Yeshshree, every professional has very well defined roles and responsibilities. We constantly update and upgrade various product development processes to the latest technologies. A meticulous and keen attention is given towards providing trainings and support to all its employees, so that their skill-sets are constantly updated.

We acknowledge ourselves as a learning organisation, as we encourage our employees to continuously adapt to new technology. Keeping ourselves abreast with the state-of-the art technology and techniques culminates in to Innovation & Perfection in Lesser Time & Cost. And we take pride in incessant exploring and learning at every level of organization, be it a business process or a manufacturing process. Our continuous efforts aim towards betterment of delivery while saving the energy as well as cost. These endeavours result in the growth of the organisation along with its employees. Once the skill sets are upgraded they become committed with increased efficiency. This highly proficient team has been playing a crucial role in the success and recognition the organization has in the national and international market; and as a result, Yeshshree has earned an elite position in the market.