About Yeshshreee

Stamping Capabilities

With more than 4 manufacturing units in Maharashtra, Yeshshree Press Comps Pvt. Ltd is one of the foremost companies who specialize in precision stamping. With our high quality and efficient precision metal stamping, we have set a benchmark among the companies offering precision stamping. We employ the latest cutting edge technology for the designing and manufacturing of all our precision metal stampings.

At Yeshshree, we have a stamping facility of over 10,000 square metres with facilities for hydraulic shearing and bending. We offer precision stamping in various ranges. Our precision metal stamping in mechanical press ranges from 10 ton to 500 ton with a bed size of 2500X 1500 mm. The hydraulic press ranges from 30 ton to 500 tons with a maximum bed size of 3200 X 2000 mm.

Yeshshree is preferred by most of the automotive manufacturers for our expertise and years of experience in precision metal stamping; we process 80 tons of steel per day. We have transfer press at our 6 stations and produce up to 1250 tons. We make use of technologies like Tandem line, Auto blanking and Pneumatic pick and place for precision stamping process. Prompt and customized services and support are offered by our team as per the client’s requirements.

With the vast experience and expertise in the field of precision stamping, we are capable of offering superior quality products and futuristic designs for our customers. We also use advanced technologies and concepts to maintain perfection and accurateness in precision metal stamping.